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Benefits of a diet tele-consult

Over the past two years Dietitians, like other medical professionals, have had to adapt to providing high quality health care virtually. There is now evidence that shows us tele-consults are just as effective as an in-person consult(1). This includes tele-consults for the treatment and support for weight loss and management, as well as chronic disease management.

Medicare, most health funds, and the NDIS all fund tele-consults, so we can continue to give you the same care virtually while still accessing the same benefits and funds!

Some clients are hesitant to try a tele-consult. Our Dietitians have been conducting tele-consults via phone and Zoom over the past 2+ years and are experienced at making the whole process easy and stress free.


Appointments are easier to attend

Consults from the comfort of your own space

No more geographical limits!
We have clients from all over Australia, and overseas!

Minimises travel time and parking issues

Minimal impact to rapport and connection between client and clinician
We have built many wonderful and long-lasting relationships through our tele-consults

Clients can show their Dietitian items and foods from their own homes!
We often have clients grab things from their kitchen to show us mid-consult


  • Measuring weight and other measurements:

    • We can’t do weights or measurements in person. This has minimal impact to our patient care because weights and measurements are not always necessary. We take a weight neutral approach in our practice, meaning we only chase measurements if there is a medical need for them.

    • If measurements are needed, we can have your GP send us any relevant measurements, or;

    • If you would like to track your weight for accountability reasons, we are happy to use measurements from your home scales. The number will be accurate as long as you use the same set of scales at each weigh-in.


If you have any questions about our tele-consults, please contact us.



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