Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist?

A dietitian is a tertiary qualified allied health professional who has the expertise to provide a range of evidence-based nutrition services and have the expertise to provide individual dietary counselling, medical nutrition therapy, group dietary therapy and food service management. A nutritionist is only qualified to provide general healthy eating advice and is not able to provide specific advice for people with medical conditions. Dietitian is a protected professional title so only those who have completed a minimum 4-year undergraduate degree or an additional 2-year masters program at an accredited university can use this title, unlike nutritionists who’s level of qualification can range from a short nutrition course up to a tertiary nutrition degree. A dietitian is in most cases is also a qualified nutritionist.

An Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) in Australia holds membership with Dietitians Australia and must fulfill yearly ongoing professional development requirements to maintain their APD status.

Do I need a doctor’s referral to have a consult?

No, you do not need a referral to have a consult. You may wish to get one or have already been given one by your GP if you have an ongoing health condition. If you do have a GP referral bring this along to your first consult to receive the Medicare rebate. Enhanced Care Plans enable you to access up to 5 Medicare rebated dietitian sessions per year.

Can I claim my consult with my private health insurance?

Yes, if your policy includes extras with Dietetics/Nutrition you can claim benefits through our HICAPS terminal. Bring along your insurance card to your session. If you are having your consult via Zoom you will need to confirm with your insurer whether they will cover Telehealth. You will be issued an invoice once payment is made to submit to your insurer to make a claim.

Can I see you if I am with the NDIS?

If you are plan or self-managed, then yes, your session may be covered. Please contact us or have your plan manager contact us to arrange.

Are Nutrition In Mind consults bulk billed through Medicare?

Our consults are not bulk billed, there is a gap payment. If you have an Enhanced Care Plan referral from your GP you will receive the Medicare rebate of $54.60 into your account the following business day.

Do I need to prepare/bring anything to my first consultation?

You can prepare as little or as much as you would like. I request you bring along your doctor’s referral if you were given one plus your Medicare card, and if you have any recent blood or test results to bring a copy along as well. If you do not have these that is okay as well.

Some clients like to bring a recent food diary to help recall what they have been eating, this can be either handwritten or logged on a phone using the free app Easy Diet Diary. Some clients come with a list of questions, a collection of supplements, or a bunch of food items for me to review with them. No one consult is alike.

How many consultations will I require?

This depends on your situation. Typically, clients require at lease one follow-up consultation, often more, because everyone’s health journey is not following a set straight path. We need to check back in to address possible issues that can arise, trouble shoot what you have been having difficulty with; monitor your health and progress; and provide you with accountability to encourage your health progress.

Should I come in for a dietetic consult or purchase the My Intake diet analysis and report?

If you have an ongoing health concern that you would like addressed, then it is advised you to come in for a dietetic consult. The My Intake analysis is perfect for those in good health who are wanting to optimise their current diet, or as an additional service for those already coming in for a consultation. The My Intake report will provide you with an in depth look to your current food intake to see how closely you are meeting your nutrition targets for optimise health. The report also provides you with advice on how to improve your intake for each of the nutrients measured.

Do you make meal plans?

Short answer, yes, I can create a personalised meal plan. However, during your consultation I will conduct an in-depth nutrition assessment to see what plan is best suited to you, and this may end up looking a bit different to what you were expecting by the time you leave the consult. Every person has unique requirements, and you will require tailored advice depending on your situation.

I don’t live locally, can I still have a consult with you?

Yes, if you are too far to travel, or travel is limited by a disability or condition, you can have a telehealth consultation via Zoom. These consults can be covered by Medicare with a valid referral, are covered by some health insurers (confirm with your insurer to see if they cover telehealth), and covered by the NDIS.