Working as a dietitian I am able to combine my passions for health, food, cooking, and eating as I guide clients through their individual journeys with health.

I began my journey into health when I chose to study Psychology. I became fascinated with how the body and mind works together so I pursued further study by completing an honours in neuroscience. Through this degree I examined how binge drinking affects brain development and impulse control. Following this I spent three years in a neuropsychology lab contributing to research examining how structural changes in the brain after a traumatic brain injury may affect a person’s ability to interact socially with others.

I then changed course and became qualified as an accredited practising dietitian and nutritionist to start a career involving food, nutrition, and health.

Due to my strong foundation in psychology and research I have established a varied set of skills which I bring to my practice: I enjoy diving into the latest research available to provide clients with evidence-based advice; I possess an understanding of human impulses and how we develop behaviours; and I have an appreciation of how our body, gut, and mind are interconnected.

I want to help others learn more about health, nutrition, and how to make informed choices in a world where we are constantly being bombarded with conflicting health information. I seek to empower and guide clients in making positive behavioural changes when it comes to their health, rather than just telling them what to eat.

I created NUTRITION IN MIND as a way to work with people to guide them through understanding that the way we think, function, and make choices is closely linked to what we eat, and how we eat. Being focused on both the mind and the body when working towards better health is at the core of my practice.

Katie Dalton APD


B. Nutrition and Dietetics Dean's Scholar (Honours Class I) - University of Wollongong

B. Science (Honours Class II) (Neuroscience) - University of New South Wales

B. Psychological Science (Neuroscience) - University of New South Wales


Completed FODMAP training with Monash University

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