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Comprehensive gut microbiome test

Your microbiome

Within our gut there are over 500 different species of microbes. For the most part, these microbes live symbiotically within us, some helping us to digest food and some providing us with amazing health benefits.

Rather than just hearing about gut health, why don't you find out what's happening in your own gut!


Use Nutrition In Mind's practitioner referral code REFKD4R3WQ6 and book a consult with our dietitian to get expert guidance in harnessing your gut's potential.

Your gut insights

Once your sample has been analysed you will receive a comprehensive report breaking down the species of microbes within your gut, they associated health effects, as well as indicators of where you can improve your diet to help the beneficial microbes to flourish.

Our dietitian will go through your results and will provide support to help you increase the diversity of your microbiome, and increase the species of microbes known to help prevent disease and maintain good health.


Sample of a Microba report

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