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Non-dairy foods for calcium

Don't like dairy? Nutrition In Mind's dietitian + nutritionist breaks down non-dairy foods that contain calcium and how much you need to eat to make sure you get enough to stay healthy.

Calcium recommended daily intakes by age and gender:


Boys and girls 9-11 years: 1000mg/day

Boys and girls 12-18 years: 1300mg/day


Men 19-70 years: 1000mg/day

Men 70+ years: 1300mg/day

Women 19-50 years: 1000mg/day

Woman 50+ years: 1300mg/day

Calcium fortified plant milks

If using a calcium fortified plant milk, you must ensure it has added calcium to make it count os one of your calcium serves. Most organic brands do not add calcium to their milks, so these should not be considered as an adequate source of calcium.

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