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Dietitian and Nutritionist
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Dietetic consultations

Medical nutrition therapy

Long-term healthy results

Personalised realistic advice

Tailored plans

A wide range of health concerns addressed

Medicare rebates + private health benefits



Find out how well your diet supports a flourishing and healthy gut microbiome.

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Your microbiome

Within our gut there are over 500 different species of microbes. For the most part, these microbes live symbiotically within us, some helping us to digest food and some providing us with amazing health benefits.

Rather than just hearing about gut health, why don't you find out what's happening in your own gut!

Nutrition In Mind's dietitian will help you interpret your microbiome results and guide you on how to eat to help your microbiome flourish.

Groups + organisations

Want to promote health in a group or work environment?

Nutrition In Mind offers a variety of nutrition and health focused talks, activities, and packages. Get the latest evidence-based nutrition information from an accredited practicing dietitian.

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Katie Dalton APD

Katie is an accredited practising dietitian and nutritionist who is passionate about all things food.

She takes pride in her evidence-based and non-judgemental approach to health and seeks to help clients reach their best health by providing realistic advice.


Katie understands that we are only human and aims to help her clients conquer their stubborn habits and impulses.


She strives to educate her clients to become their own nutrition and health expert, that way they can maintain and manage long term changes themselves.

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