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NUTRITION IN MIND group education sessions provide corporations, organised groups, or even a casual group of friends, with a chance to come together and learn new skills to achieving a healthier lifestyle. These sessions are hosted at your location of choice.

Benefits of groups
Types of sessions
Customise your session

Benefits of a group education session

Sessions available

Customise your session

There is so much information available to us online and in the media, and we are constantly getting diet advice from everyone, ranging from health bloggers to friends and family. A lot of this information can be conflicting and some of it confusing, and when it comes to making your own health decisions it is difficult to decide what information is the right information for you. NUTRITION IN MIND group education sessions provide you and your colleagues and friends to get together to hear about the latest on health an nutrition.

The benefit of organising a NUTRITION IN MIND education session is that you have access to an accredited practising dietitian who can inform you on the latest information regarding health and nutrition. Getting information from a dietitian is a way you can ensure you are getting accurate and evidence-based information, as dietitians are trained to critically assess scientific studies and findings to determine what is fact and fiction. In addition to this, accredited practising dietitians are regulated health professionals who are required to participate in ongoing study and development which ensures their knowledge stays sharp and up to date.


These group sessions are a great way to increase your knowledge and understanding of healthy eating, and will teach you new skills along the way. During the session you will be provided with practical tips and resources which you can use to start making positive changes to your lifestyle. The sessions also provide you and other group members the chance to ask questions, and clarify information which you may have been wondering about, such as "Which oil should I be using?", "Which milk is the best one for me?", "Should I be eating gluten free?", or "What's the fuss with fermented foods?"

Depending on the interests and needs of your group, we offer a variety of engaging and informative group sessions:

Provided with enough notice NUTRITION IN MIND's accredited practising dietitian can create custom talks based on your groups needs. If there is a topic your group has a particular interest in we can design an interactive group session using the latest scientific evidence available to ensure you receive accurate up-to-date information. Likewise, if you are from an organisation or facility and require a condition-specific talk (e.g. type II diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, etc.), we can arrange sessions to suit your needs. For more information or if you would like to discuss ideas contact NUTRITION IN MIND

  • Healthy eating 101

  • Simple rules for a healthier diet

  • Welcome to the supermarket: your guide to healthier shopping

  • Eating for your gut

  • Diets are confusing, help!

  • Listen to your body: eating more mindfully

  • Bad Aussie habits and their solutions

  • Health information crisis: how to become your own nutrition detective

  • Customise your own session based on your group needs and interests

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