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NUTRITION IN MIND education sessions have been designed for all schools and are suitable for teaching and non-teaching staff.

These education sessions provide school staff with the opportunity to increase their knowledge of nutrition to help them make healthier choices within the school environment.


Building Healthier School Communities

School Communities and Nutrition Education

Education Topics

Understanding and adopting healthy eating habits is essential to living and functioning at our best. At NUTRITION IN MIND we have a strong focus on up-skilling school staff and communities with the latest evidence-based nutrition information.

Our aim is to empower school staff to make informed nutrition choices, and to encourage staff members to become healthy eating role models to set the standard for colleagues and students. As a part of a larger school community, making healthier choices can have a positive effect on those around you, and can initiate changes all the way across the school community. 

NUTRITION IN MIND school education sessions can help to increase staff wellbeing, and provide the tools to create a supportive environment for making healthier choices within the school community.

Depending on the needs of your school staff there are a variety of talks available which are both informative and engaging. Sessions are centred around the theme of nutrition and health literacy, and have been developed using the latest evidence-based information.

Topics on offer:

We want to ensure those who attend NUTRITION IN MIND school education sessions get the most of their time. Our sessions include interactive activities, engaging content, group discussions, helpful resources, and the opportunity to ask our dietitian questions along the way. Our education sessions offer a realistic, positive, and non-judgemental approach to making steps towards better health, and creating healthier school communities.

School communities
Education topics
  • Staff wellness and healthy eating

  • Improving health literacy and critical thinking in health and nutrition

  • Healthier school communities

  • Contact NUTRITION IN MIND if you require a tailored education session

Nutrition in Mind
Healthy school communities

Special offer: Meal plans for teachers and teaching staff

Offer includes

  • A​ 30-minute brief consultation to outline health goals and current eating patterns;

  • An individulised meal plan

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$60 for all teachers and teaching support staff​

100% covered for Teachers Health Top Extras members

To make an appointment call or book online

This advice is aimed towards healthy eating and disease prevention. For advice regarding a specific condition or medical concern please book in for an initial 60-minute dietetic consultation.

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