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My Intake diet analysis

Do you think you have a nutrient deficiency?

$59 for the complete diet analysis + comprehensive report

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the process

My intake report

Benefits of the My Intake diet analysis

convenient & judgement free

Getting your My Intake diet analysis is super easy and can be done from your own home.

The whole process takes place online so you don't have to fear divulging your deepest darkest diet secrets in a face-to-face consultation.

Detailed nutrition information

Unlike other diet apps, My Intake provides you with in depth information about the different types of foods you eat; a detailed breakdown of your energy, macronutrient, and micronutrient intake; as well as providing you with helpful tips to improve your intake.

Evidence-based diet advice

The information used to analyse your diet data, and the recommendations provided to you, is based on high-quality peer-reviewed scientific evidence. This way you can be sure the information provided to you is accurate and safe!

compare your intake

No longer will you blindly follow a diet wondering whether all your nutrition needs are being met. My Intake will show you how your intake compares to the nutrition you need in order to stay healthy and function at your best.

Aid medical practitioners

Your My Intake report can give your health practitioner insight into your current lifestyle. This may help them provide you with a health assessment or treatment best for your current situation and needs.

Answer your intake questions

Whether you are wondering if your diet is lacking a particular nutrient, if you are eating enough to reach a certain weight goal, or you're just not sure you have the best diet, the My Intake analysis can help answer your diet questions.


Who can register for My Intake?

Australian residents

The databases and recommendations used in the My Intake diet analysis are based on Australian data, and will not be accurate for foods in other countries.


Ages 1 to 100+

Starting from the age of one, anyone can have their diet analysed. Children below the age of one, or who are drinking breast milk cannot be included as the nutritional content of breast milk is hard to quantify and results will not be accurate.


Any Life-stage

Your nutrition requirements will differ depending on your gender and whether you are pregnant or lactating. No matter what life-stage you are in, you will be able to see what your nutrition requirements are and if you are currently meeting them.

without a complex health issue

The recommendations and advice provided in the My Intake diet analysis are based on the average person in the population who does not have a specific health condition. People with a health condition which impacts their nutrition requirements and function related to diet will need to see an accredited practising dietitian for a more in-depth and individualised consultation.

How it works

Getting your My Intake report


Register your details with My Intake


Download the diet diary app and create an account

Asset 16notice.png

Email your completed diet diary to our dietitian to analyse


Enter your detailed diet information for 3 to 7 consecutive days


Receive your complete My Intake report within 5 business days

Detailed My Intake instructions are provided after registration.

Vitamin B12 (ug)


Iron (mg)


Vitamin A (mg)

Example of graphs from the My Intake report


My Intake report inclusions

  • Food categories
    The My Intake report shows you how many serves from each food group you eat and compares your intake to the recommended intake. My Intake also breaks down the food groups into further detail to show you the variety of foods you consume. Food Groups - Grains - Fruit - Vegetables - Dairy and dairy alternatives - Meat and meat alternatives Foods in detail - Refined grains - Wholegrains - Whole fruit - Fruit juice - Starchy vegetables - Non-starchy vegetables - Legumes - Red meat - Seafood - Processed meat - Nuts and seeds - Soy protein - Alcoholic drinks - Oil - Solid fat - Added sugar
  • Energy and macronutritents
    To learn more about your current intake you are provided with your estimated daily energy requirements, reported as kilojoules (4.2 kilojoules = 1 calorie). This provides you with an understanding of how much you are eating in order to lose, maintain, or gain weight depending on your personal goal. Your energy is broken down into energy from carbohydrates, protein, fat, alcohol, and fibre. You are also provided with intake information covering: - Protein - Carbohydrates - Fats (including saturated, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, trans fat, and cholesterol) - Fibre - Sugars - Alcohol - Caffeine
  • Diet quality
    The My Intake report includes information which can help you to understand your diet quality. Nutrients that are associated with processed foods, which are high in energy and low in nutrition, are compared to the recommended limits you should stay under to achieve a high-quality diet. These limits are provided for: - Percentage of your energy from added sugar - Percentage of your energy from saturated fat - Percentage of your energy from trans fat - Grams of alcohol - Grams of daily fibre
  • Micronutritents
    The My Intake diet analysis provides you with information about your vitamin and mineral intake from food, and whether you are at risk of developing a nutrient deficiency or toxicity. Vitamins included in the analysis: - Thiamine (B1) - Riboflavin (B2) - Niacin (B3) - Vitamin B6 - Vitamin B12 - Folate - Vitamin C - Vitamin A - Vitamin E Minerals included in the analysis: - Sodium - Potassium - Phosphorus - Calcium - Magnesium - Iron - Zinc - Selenium - Iodine
  • Supplements
    The My Intake diet analysis also takes supplement use into account for those who regularly take supplements. When you register for your My Intake analysis you will need to provide details of all the supplements you are currently taking (brand, name, amount, and frequency).
  • Dietary recommendations
    Using the latest recommendations based on scientific research, the My Intake report provides you with information about the nutrients reported as well as tips on how to optimise your intake.

Complete diet analysis + comprehensive report

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